Feeding the Hungry

red-bellied woodpeckers

It’s fascinating to watch the daily patterns of our bird house families, the red-bellied woodpeckers. In keeping with the scape of Sanibel, Ocean’s Reach provides a natural environment for all our guests, both human and wild!

Wander through our preserve and observe the survival and reproduction habits of the woodpeckers living in our two bird houses. The young woodpeckers, growing in size and strength, are well fed by their moms.  » Read more

Manatee Magical Moment

mannatee moment

A close encounter of the natural kind can yield magic on your soul. On Sanibel it can be as near as a manatee’s nose lying on your paddleboard! A frequent Ocean’s Reach guest recently discovered this gentle, playful creature at Tarpon Bay Explorers. Even though the manatee’s nose was on top of the paddleboard, our guest was careful not to touch. The naturalists at Tarpon Bay Explorers recommend allowing the manatees to play and roam as they please without human interference.  » Read more

Fly Casting on Sanibel

Fly fishing with Joe Mahler 1

Raise your fly fishing skills to a new level with a coaching session by Fort Myers’ Joe Mahler. In a matter of hours, students are amazed at the depth of their improvement and success! The word on the island is that no matter what background or experience you have, you will benefit from the mastery of this renowned coach, instructor, author and illustrator.

Says Fred from Pennsylvania, “Fly fishing with Joe Mahler has been the most enjoyable time in which I have held a rod in 40 years.  » Read more

All A’Bloom

hibiscus blooms

Upon your arrival at Ocean’s Reach you will be struck by the abundance of tropical blooms and beauty of our landscaping. Our guests enjoy being surrounded by lovely butterfly gardens, pond and native vegetation—all within a lush, colorful setting that adorns our beachfront property.

The beautiful spring blooms pictured today embrace the exterior of each gulf front condo building and are members of the hibiscus family.

The pink and white flowers make for dramatic bouquets right outside your condo door.  » Read more

The Green Iguana

Green Iguana

Everyone has heard of the movie, The Night of the Iguana. Now you can see an iguana in this photo, taken by our pond. The lime colored lizard is a herbivore, approximately six feet long and eleven pounds. It is rarely seen on Sanibel as it is not native to Florida. Because the iguanas are invasive, they are removed from the island when captured.

An iguana is quite a sight.  » Read more

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