A Surprising Encounter on the Bike Path

Written by Jeff Lysiak at the “Island Sun”:

You never know what kind of wildlife you’re going to encounter when visiting the JN “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. It could be a rare bird, an alligator or even a couple of river otters. During a recent trip to Sanibel, amateur nature photographer Robert Steagall hoped he would see something worthwhile as he drove along Wildlife Drive.  » Read more

Scenes from Sanibel #15


 “Man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins
because he had achieved so much — the wheel, New York, wars and so on — 
whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time.  » Read more

National Seashell Day is Coming!

National Seashell Day is next Wednesday, June 21st!

It’s a day dedicated to the seekers of small thrills and the finders of hidden treasures. A day of appreciation to the gracious nature of the sea. Join us for a celebration of the ocean’s precious gifts, hundreds of which wash ashore on our beach every day.

To help you get in a Shell State of Mind,  » Read more

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Catch

Take a look at this catch of a lifetime!

Jason Wisniewski, from New Berlin, WI, caught a six foot bull shark in late May while he was fishing on the pier near the Sanibel Lighthouse. Although he doesn’t stay at Ocean’s Reach during his visits to Sanibel (his family owns a timeshare on the east end of the island), we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share the photo!  » Read more

Cooking Classes on Tap

Chef Jarred Harris

Beginning this month, Resident Chef Jarred Harris will have cooking classes on tap at the Sanibel Community House all summer long.

On June 15, Harris will begin his three-week cooking series entitled “Healthy Cooking at Home.” Harris said that the inspiration for the majority of his cooking classes comes from meals that he cooks for his family at home.  » Read more

The Line Up!

Our guests line up to bask in the blessings of the sea — warm rays of sunshine, soft sea breezes, tones of lapping waves and water views that stretch beyond the horizon.

It’s a lineup befitting the best of Mother Nature.  And it can be yours, as well, at Ocean’s Reach this summer, where we look forward to helping make your next reservation soon.

As always,  » Read more

Lorena’s Little Girl

Watching Jennifer grow into such a beautiful, intelligent young lady right in front of our eyes has melted our hearts.

We are very proud of both Jennifer and her mom Lorena, our lead housekeeper, for this teen’s hard work and academic achievements.

Graduating from the 8th grade with all A’s on her report card (including Advanced Algebra) and top scores on state and national tests,  » Read more

Sprinkled with Love

It’s the most delightful doughnut-ful day of the week!

On Sanibel, you can follow an irresistible bakery aroma across the island and pretty much find anything that can be glazed, drizzled, frosted or sprinkled.

We dare you to head over to the Sanibel Island Bakery at Bailey’s General Store and just try to make a selection.  Known for both their Cronut,  » Read more

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