An Extra Layer of Protection


As many of our blog readers know, we take Sea Turtle Nesting Season very seriously around here.  Baby sea turtles face numerous threats both on land and in water, and only 1 in 1,000 of this endangered species will survive to adulthood.

Many islanders work diligently to help make a difference through conservation efforts with the SCCF Sea Turtle Program.  » Read more

Eat, Play, Sleep

We’re happy to report that our osprey family is enjoying their new home at Ocean’s Reach.  The two babies are growing stronger every day!

After a three-year hiatus (due in part to eagles using the platform as their dining table), we were delighted to welcome the young family to our property.  

The thriving birds are a popular attraction and constant source of amusement for our nature-loving,  » Read more

So Sweet, Indeed!

Sweet Melissa’s Café, a “must go again” for many of our guests, has been named as one of the top 10 restaurants in South Florida by USA Today.

Landing at number five on the list of the Best Restaurants in South Florida, USA Today touts the restaurant’s creative menu that is packed with fresh, local produce, seafood, beef and everything in-between.  » Read more

Shop, Dine, Rhythm and Wine

Now there’s yet another in a long line of reasons to visit one of our favorite shopping hubs on the island, Periwinkle Place!

Shoppers will be will be treated to live entertainment, complimentary refreshments, and special savings from participating stores every Thursday night in June and July from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

The “Shop, Dine, Rhythm and Wine”  » Read more

World Oceans Day

The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum will celebrate World Oceans Day its own way: on Wednesday, June 8, from 7 to 9 a.m., the shell museum staff along with their Shell Ambassadors will hold a clean up at Bunche Beach, located at 18201 John Morris Road, just across the Sanibel Causeway in Fort Myers. The public is invited to join in as well.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency,  » Read more

Scenes from Sanibel #14

“Oceans Reach is a great place to relax. Love it here!”

Thanks to our longtime guest, Moriah N., from Chillicothe, Ohio, for these gorgeous pics.

An Ocean’s Reach sunset never fails to impress!


Should you have any photos you’d like to share, please email them to [email protected]

Today’s Guest Photographer: Moriah N.  » Read more

Treasures at Sea

As these early risers can attest, treasures of the sea await those who rise and shell!

Sanibel is widely acknowledged as the “Shelling Capital of the World.”  Unlike most islands which lie north and south, Sanibel juts out with a unique east-to-west orientation, allowing our shores to “catch” vast varieties of seashells from the Gulf of Mexico.

There’s always a treasure trove awaiting you at Ocean’s Reach,  » Read more

Good Morning, Sanibel!

Greet the early daylight on Sanibel! There’s no better time to pick your own pace walking down the beach. Finish your thoughts or let your mind wander. Plan the day or let it flow.

Inhale the morning wonders of the beach at Ocean’s Reach!  » Read more

Making Baskets

Swish! Swish! Wow! We recently enjoyed watching these guest hoopsters make one perfect shot after another. The Ocean’s Reach basketball court is a popular place throughout the year, and the hoop action displayed from these young men was exceptional!

At Ocean’s Reach, you don’t need to leave your “play” at home. Name your game and chances are that it can be found right outside your condo door. From basketball to tennis and plenty in between,  » Read more

Black-bellied Plover

It’s the largest plover you will find in North America and it loves our beaches! Migrating from as far away as Massachusetts and British Columbia, the Black-bellied Plover is named for its solid black breeding plumage from face to belly.

During our winter months, the plover displays a non-breeding plumage with a lighter colored breast, white belly and black and grey back. It’s quite simply a beautiful shorebird in all seasons!  » Read more

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