It’s all about the Mango!

Celebrating its 21st anniversary, the annual MangoMania Tropical Fruit Fair will take place July 15 – 16 at the German American Social Club in Cape Coral.

MangoMania was created in the mid-1990’s as a way to celebrate the annual crops of mangoes and other tropical fruits harvested on neighboring Pine Island. Started as a simple celebration, MangoMania quickly grew into a full-blown family-friendly festival spanning two days,  » Read more

Growing Up Osprey

The parents have fled the nest for loftier ambitions, but these young osprey siblings haven’t quite accepted life yet without mom and dad. Andy notices that they come home to their platform every day looking for a ready-made meal from their parents. With empty stomachs and hefty appetites, they realize soon enough they must fend for themselves. As with any species, hunger is a great motivator for independence!  » Read more

Parking Made Easier

News reports abound with how Tesla, Google and others have been testing their solutions to self-driving cars. Here at Ocean’s Reach, we’re busy, too, testing a new solution to finding your parking space in the dark (or daylight, for that matter)!

We know it’s sometimes frustrating driving around our parking lot looking for the location of your carport. You’ll soon find your condo number painted directly on the bumper of your parking space.  » Read more

The Summer Lineup

Single file and lined up for the most panoramic view of the rolling, glistening gulf waters!

Summer guests reserve their spot on the beach for a full day of play by setting up early with their comfy beach chairs, shady umbrellas and coolers of food and drink.

We heartily recommend that you give it a try!  » Read more

On Higher Ground

Sea turtles innately know what’s best for raising their own. And these pictures show why they make their nests on higher ground. The recent gulf tropical storm presented Sanibel with rain showers that temporarily washed out parts of our beach. The most protected part of the beach? The sea turtle nests, of course.

Follow the turtles!  » Read more

Dive In!

The fun is only moments away for this father daughter duo as they test the feisty waters before diving in and riding the waves to shore. If you haven’t tried this, it’s the most fun for any age!

Recent storms that struck Texas and Louisiana created some turbulence in our gulf waters, creating unique water adventures, far from the tranquil lapping waves our summer guests normally experience.

So go with the flow,  » Read more

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