World’s Largest Junonia

Larry Strange holding the world’s largest junonia. Photo by Jeff Lysiak.


One of the iconic shells that Sanibel has become known for, the junonia, always seems to draw the attention of residents and tourists alike due to its renowned beauty and scarcity. 

And now, the world’s largest recorded junonia – a specimen measuring nearly six inches in length – calls the island home.   » Read more

A Touch of Sanibel

What a delightful email from guest Ellen C., who resides in Fairport, NY:

Your “Game On” blog about the Sanibel Rocks group that encourages people to paint shells from Sanibel, encouraged me to send you the picture below. 

My son proposed to his fiancé on the beach on Sanibel three years ago and the following year, 5 months before their wedding,  » Read more

Picnic in the Park

Turn your family’s summer appetite into a vacation memory! Our beautiful outdoor dining area — The Grove — features four gas grills and comfortable dining furniture.  Best of all, you can also enjoy a scenic view of our pond and butterfly garden!

Plan an outdoor spread for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or picnic anytime during the day with snacks and your favorite beverages. All you have to do is sit back,  » Read more

A Refreshing Dilemma


Ocean’s Reach delivers two amazing waterfront experiences for our guests to enjoy. One is nature made and a prime reason our guests return year after year: our beach!

The other is man made and requires daily attention to maintain its pristine, crystal blue waters: our refreshing gulffront pool!

Which to enjoy first?  What a wonderful dilemma to have!  Make time to enjoy them both while visiting Ocean’s Reach.  » Read more

No One Crabby Here

We received a wonderful email from Viktoria R., a sophomore and Public Relations major at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana. She sent us this write-up which we’re delighted to share with you!

No One Crabby Here

My family and I had just walked out onto the beach with our beach chairs and umbrella when I saw this little guy out of the corner of my eye.  » Read more

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