Trader’s Spin-off

Faithful fans of Traders who have been eagerly awaiting the opening of its spin off restaurant — T2 — can now head over to The Village Shops and enjoy the new, more casual and slightly smaller restaurant for themselves.

T2 is more intimate than “big Traders,” and notably has outdoor, pet-friendly seating. Its menu shares some of Traders’ trademark dishes, but makes sure to highlight a unique character all its own.  » Read more

Dames at Sea

Dames at Sea
tells the story of Ruby, who steps off a bus from Utah and into her first Broadway show. But hours before the opening night curtain is set to rise, the cast learns that their theater is being demolished. With the help of some adoring sailors, Ruby and the cast set a plan in motion to perform the show in a naval battleship.

The show is known for its exuberant choreography.  » Read more

Historic Performance by Cuban Orchestra

The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba will make a historic first appearance ever in Southwest Florida on Saturday, March 10 when it performs at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall.

Since its inception in 1960, The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba has been instrumental in developing and introducing Cuban and Latin American music to the international classical music community, in addition to covering a vast symphonic and chamber repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary music.  » Read more

Beauties from Ocean’s Reach

What a trio of beautiful ladies!

Now you know why we love the annual Kiwanis Spaghetti Dinner. It always brings an opportunity to connect with good friends!

Case in point, the photo above, showing (from left) Ocean’s Reach longtime guest Dottie B., owner Marcia M. and staff member extraordinaire (and clean up volunteer) Lisa!

Bellissimo!  » Read more

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Andy shared this photo that he captured of a Green Anole, the only anole species native to Florida.

Green anoles are medium-sized lizards with long tails. Sometimes called chameleons because of their color-changing abillity, they can be anywhere from emerald green to brown or gray. When stressed, they turn dark brown.

They’re getting harder and harder to find with competition from the hardy and non-native brown anoles,  » Read more

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