It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere … and this was what it looked like at Ocean’s Reach at 5 o’clock yesterday!

The sun was shining, the sand was glistening and the water was a sea of inviting blue-green gorgeousness.

If you haven’t been to Ocean’s Reach during the summer, plan to make a trip this year!  Last-minute getaways and special offers make it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite 5 o’clock libation on your favorite Sanibel Island beach!  » Read more

“The City That Almost Wasn’t”

Many thanks to our friends at the “Island Sun” for sharing the following article, written by Jeff Lysiak.

Last week at the SCCF (SanibelCaptiva Conservation Foundation) Nature Center, a lecture on the history of the conservation movement on the islands was delivered by Kristie Anders, SCCF’s education director and longtime local resident. During her 45-minute presentation, Anders shared some background information on several pivotal players and the important dates that helped shape the future of Sanibel.   » Read more

The Last Straw!

Plastic straws are now banned from the island of Sanibel, an important step in helping to protect our beautiful beaches.  

The Sanibel City Council approved the new ordinance last week, which requires businesses to either use paper straws or none at all.

We’re thrilled to finally see this action taking place as plastic straws pose such a threat to our precious wildlife.  More than 175 million plastic straws are used each day in the U.S.  » Read more


It’s all about the mango at the 22nd annual MangoMania Tropical Fruit Fair this weekend, taking place July 14 – 15 at the German-American Social Club in nearby Cape Coral.

They’re sweet, juicy and oh-so-delicious!  Freshly picked Haydens, Irwins, Kents, Keittes and other varieties that grow on neighboring Pine Island will be available at the free mango tasting table. 

The event will also feature recipe contests,  » Read more


Yep, our doppelgangers are at it again!

Joyce M. from Brunswick, GA, one of our favorite longtime summer guests, stopped by to show Lisa her latest ultra-colorful dress, and wouldn’t you know it, Lisa was wearing the same!

These two ladies always brighten up our day, but we have to admit that we all needed sunglasses that day!  » Read more

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