Escape to Cayo Costa!

Cayo Costa State Park Beach

Many of us agree that Cayo Costa State Park is the ultimate beach lover’s dream!

Located between North Captiva Island and Boca Grande, this barrier island state park is only accessible by boat.

The remote island is made up of 2,426 acres and nine miles of pristine beaches.  Here, you can truly escape the frenetic pace of life and live your dreams of solitude on a private island.   » Read more

Our Olympic Hurdler

Cheyenne M. from Decator, TX at the 400M Hurdles at the 2018 AAU Junior Olympic Games

Every now and then, we have a guest that needs to interrupt their vacation for another obligation.  Up until this summer, though, we’ve never had anyone leave to compete in the Junior Olympics!

Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne M. from Decator, TX had to sneak off for a few days to compete in the 400M Hurdles at the 2018 AAU Junior Olympic Games in Des Moines, IA on July 30th.   » Read more

“Bag Day” is Coming!

Women of St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church

The Noah’s Ark Annual Bag Day event is coming up Friday, August 10, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Customers may buy marked bags in the parking lot for $4 each, fill them with store goods, and walk away with as many items as the bags will carry. Customers are free to purchase as many $4 bags as they wish for the Bag Day sale.

Any items that don’t fit in the bag are 80 percent off the regular price.  » Read more

Who “Wood” Have Thought of This?

Wood pieces to make a seashell

Seashell made from wood pieces

Another amazing treasure from our “other” Andy!

“Show and tell time for shell lovers…  Brother Ted has access to a laser cutter that cuts thin plywood at the college where he teaches, RIT, in Rochester,  NY.   I sent him one of my shell designs and he ran it through a tool used to build 3D shapes from plywood and cardboard. This resulted in about 25 pieces of plywood that after much scrutiny (due to a lack of index marks) and much sanding and persuasion with a rubber mallet assembled into this treasure.    » Read more

A Good Neighbor, Indeed!

CROW releases a sea turtle back to the ocean

Good neighbors make a huge difference in your quality of life, no matter where — or who — you may be!

Take CROW for instance. The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife on Sanibel Island helps injured wildlife found throughout Southwest Florida.

They recently released two critically endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park in North Naples.

The first of the two turtles,  » Read more

Something Fishy!

Author Jennifer L. Schiff with stacks of her book A Shell of a Problem

Author Jennifer L. Schiff is back in hot water — or, more accurately — the warm waters of Sanibel Island with her new book, Something Fishy. This is the second volume in her Sanibel Island Mystery series, which premiered with A Shell of a Problem, published last fall.

Like its predecessor, Something Fishy is a cozy mystery set on our tranquil Florida island,  » Read more

Recycle Smart!

Stacks of crushed cans

Lee County, home to Sanibel Island, has been a recycling leader in Florida since 2002. According to data recently released by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Lee County currently ranks third in the state with a 74 percent recycling rate, putting the county well on track to meet the statewide 75 percent recycling goal by 2020.

However, the county’s road to recycling proficiency has not been an easy one,  » Read more

Ding Darling Amateur Photo Contest

Bird on a branch with a caterpillar in its mouth

Paul Brook’s “Mangrove Cuckoo with Moth Caterpillar.” DDWS photo


The submission process is now open for Ding Darling’s Annual Amateur Nature Photography Contest!

Sponsored by the “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society-Friends of the Refuge, the annual J.N. “Ding” Darling Days Amateur Nature Photography Contest is open to non-professional photographers.  Winning photographs will be announced in conjunction with the annual “Ding” Darling Days,  » Read more

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