Talkin’ Turtles: #4

Photo from NOAA Fisheries


Did you know?


  • Sea turtles don’t have teeth.  Instead, their upper and lower jaws have sheaths made of keratin (the same stuff your fingernails are made of) that fit onto the skull like a pair of false teeth.
  • Their shells are made of over 50 bones fused together, so they’re literally wearing their bones on the outside.
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Talkin’ Turtles: #3

Photo from WWF.org


Did you know?


  • The nest temperature determines a sea turtle’s sex.  Boys like it cool.  Girls like it hot.
  • After incubating for two months (55-60 days), hatchlings must escape natural predators like birds, crabs, and raccoons to make it to the sea.
  • Newborn sea turtles instinctively move in the brightest direction,
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Talkin’ Turtles: #1

Photo from WWF.org


In honor of World Sea Turtle Day, we thought we’d share some facts this week that show just how amazing these creatures are.


Did you know?


  • Sea turtles are an ancient species.  Scientists estimate that they have been swimming around for 110 million years, making them as old as dinosaurs.
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A Visit from Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad with brothers John and Dave Jensen 


A wonderful article by Jeff Lysiak from the Island Sun:

For more than 40 years, long-distance swimming legend, motivational speaker and best-selling author Diana Nyad has been an inspiration to people from all walks of life. Her incredible accomplishments – including her recordbreaking 110-mile swim between Havana, Cuba and Key West,  » Read more

Tesla vs. Edison

Brad Bleich’s digital painting “Tesla Vs. Edison” shows inventors Thomas Edison (right) and Nikola Tesla against a backdrop of wires and electronic components. 


From a recent article by Charles Runnells in the Fort Myers News-Press:

Fort Myers is a Thomas Edison town.

The inventor lived right here on McGregor Boulevard in what’s now a museum called the Edison &  » Read more

Uncommon Friends – Part 2


If you took our advice yesterday to grab a copy of Uncommon Friends by Jim Newton, you’ll probably also want to add a visit to the beautiful waterfront memorial fountain that stands as tribute to these famous winter residents of Fort Myers, as well.

Located on the scenic banks of the Caloosahatchee River in the northwest corner of the downtown Fort Myers River District is Centennial Park,  » Read more

Uncommon Friends


If you haven’t yet read Uncommon Friends by Jim Newton, it just may be the perfect “summer read” you’re looking for!

Jim Newton (1905-1999) was a Fort Myers businessman who was personal friends with five of the most notable people who defined the 20th Century ─ Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, Dr. Alexis Carrel, and Charles Lindbergh. Jim Newton called them his “uncommon friends,” and his book documents his experiences with them,  » Read more

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