Scott’s Shots: Day 1

White Pelicans at Ding Darling


Anhinga at the Bailey Tract


Not only is it always wonderful to welcome our long-term guests “back home” to Ocean’s Reach, but it’s especially heartwarming to see how their time here on Sanibel impacts their lives on a personal level.

One of our dear guests, Scott N.  » Read more

Reach for the Light


Have you ever noticed how a palm tree’s trunk curves and leans?  Most appear to lean toward the ocean, but did you know it’s not for nourishment from the water?  They’re actually leaning toward another life source: the light.

The scientific term for this is phototropism, and since more light reflects back from the sea, the trees naturally reach for as much light as possible.  » Read more

Words Cannot Express Our Gratitude


On behalf of all of us at Ocean’s Reach, we want to thank the tens of thousands of healthcare workers, first responders, and essential personnel for their tireless commitment, care and leadership in these uncertain times.

Words cannot express our gratitude for the selfless courage and personal sacrifice exhibited in your everyday efforts to keep us safe.

Not all heroes wear capes.  May we all rise to this challenge the same way you are.  » Read more

Happy Easter!


Yes, Virginia, the Easter Bunny is an essential worker.

Around the world, officials are signing “special eggs-emptions” for the Easter Bunny to travel freely for the essential service of egg delivery.

From our Ocean’s Reach family to yours, we wish you a safe, healthy and happy Easter!

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When Life Hands You Lemons …

Artwork by Linda Kegley


Or as the more recent saying goes, “When life hands you a quarantine, make a quarantini!”

Even Ina Gartner, the Barefoot Contessa, recently posted on Instagram — at 6 a.m. no less — “It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!”

The quarantini, as defined by the sharpest brains on the internet, is a drink easily made with just a few ingredients that you have lying around the house.  » Read more

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