Every Seashell Has A Story


Celebrated today on the first day of summer, National Seashell Day serves as a gentle reminder that treasures arrive every day in the form of simple things.

On behalf of all of us at Ocean’s Reach, we can’t wait until we can help you once again to “always have a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes”!


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The Visitor Center is Back!


After celebrating more than 50 business reopenings over the past several months, friends at the Sanibel-Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce were finally able to snip their own yellow ribbon last week, commemorating the reopening of the Chamber Visitor Center near the entrance to the island.

“It’s hard to believe that on October 5, the first day we were allowed back on the island after Ian,  » Read more

There’s No Place Like Home



There’s no place like home, just ask our Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation friends who are part of the nighttime sea turtle tagging team.

“Generally, sea turtles exhibit ‘natal homing,’ which means nesting females will lay nests near the same beach they hatched from,” explains SCCF Sea Turtle Biologist Savannah Weber.  “Some turtles have very precise natal homing, where they lay nests within a few miles from the exact spot of beach from which they hatched.   » Read more

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