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Presenting the Killa Watts!

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife has announced that the LCEC Killa-Watts will be providing live entertainment for the 36th Taste of the Islands on Nov. 12 from noon to 5 p.m.

There’s a reason that fans get a charge out of the LCEC Killa-Watts.  Each of the band’s members works for Lee County Electric Cooperative, one of the main utility companies for Southwest Florida. Started as a bit of fun for a small fundraiser a few years ago, the group now plays numerous benefit concerts to aid causes throughout the community.

“I have worked in the utility industry for many years and I love this work. At the same time, I love the joy that music brings to people’s lives. When an opportunity to bring the two together came about, I knew it was something that would make a difference,” said band leader Rusty Snider.

The core Killa-Watts members have been true to the mission of making music, having some fun, and helping those in need by sharing their talent at little, or no cost to help raise funds for worthy causes. In the past, they opened for Lee Greenwood for a Veterans fundraiser, played dozens of United Way and Chamber of Commerce events, and supported efforts to fight Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and many other worthy causes.

Admission to Taste of the Islands is $7 and children younger than 12 years of age are free. For more information about the 36th Taste of the Islands, please click here.  


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