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A Homage to a Classic


If you could really use some laughs, head over to the Lab Theater for their hilarious parody of one of the most famous movie thrillers ever.  “The Birds: A Parody” takes on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds” with all sorts of zaniness, along with a fair share of raunchy humor.

If that’s not enough, the show hopes to break a Guinness world record for the most birds — in the form of marshmallow candy Peeps — in one theatrical production.

Hitchcock’s thriller about murderous birds seemed ripe for the parody treatment, said writer/director Annette Trossbach.

“When you decide to write a parody, you’re looking for scenarios that are already melodramatic,” she said.  “If you give them one more little shove into melodrama, you are in comedic territory.  ‘The Birds’ is perfect for that.

“You’ve got thousands of birds, some of which the lead characters believe are purposely trying to take over the human world.  You’ve got an impulsive, mischievous leading lady, the hunky all-American guy, the townspeople ready to sacrifice outsiders.  This show will be a camp, over-the-top homage to 1960s thrillers!”

Lab Theater isn’t the only theater offering an escape from the summer heat.  Other shows include ’80s glam-metal musical “Rock of Ages” at Broadway Palm (now through June 25), the classic “A Chorus Line” at Fort Myers Theatre (June 18 – 26) and the fairytale musical “Into the Woods” at new Cape Coral community theater The Belle Theatre (Sept. 16 – 25).

“The Birds: A Parody” plays at the Lab Theater through July 22nd.  Note that the show features adult language.  The theater is located at 1634 Woodford Avenue in Fort Myers.  To learn more, call 239-218-0481 or visit



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