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A Photographer’s Paradise: #2

Britt recommends visiting the causeway after a good rain to experiment with reflections in the pools created by cars passing by.  

The beaches bordering the causeway between its two bridge spans are an exceptional location for chasing light.  

Light silhouettes a tree along the causeway.  

All photos by Britt Maxwell.


From, with sponsored content from The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel:

“Once people get to the causeway, that’s when vacation begins,” says Britt. Linking mainland Fort Myers to Sanibel Island, the three-mile Sanibel Causeway is among Britt’s preferred places to chase light. One of the highest points in the county, it offers a panoramic view of the area and is the first chance to “really see Sanibel,” he says. To the right, boats glide in and out of the Sanibel Harbour marina; to the left, over the green-blue waters of San Carlos Bay, a view of Fort Myers Beach with its oceanfront hotels and bustling pier greets you.

In between the two bridge spans are low-lying stretches of road surrounded on either side by beaches, palm trees and mangroves. Britt highly recommends pulling over and walking to the water’s edge. Surrounded by nearly 360 degrees of water, the causeway beaches are an ideal place to capture the many colors of sunrise and sunset. Off the beaches closest to Sanibel, you might even catch a dolphin pod moving swiftly through the water. Britt also recommends heading to the causeway after heavy rains, as passing cars create puddles and pools perfect for experimenting with reflections.

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