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A Photographer’s Paradise: #3

Driftwood rises out of the sand at Lovers Key.

Photo by Britt Maxwell.


From, with sponsored content from The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel:

Lovers Key State Park, a secluded barrier island west of Estero and Bonita Springs featuring a two-mile sugar-white beach, is “basically a large sandbar,” says Britt. While today open to the public as part of Lovers Key State Park, up until 1965 the island was accessible only by boat. The story goes that it earned its name because of the lovers that used to sneak away to its shores for some alone time. To access Lovers Key Beach, you can take the tram that runs to and from the park entrance or enjoy a scenic stroll over boardwalks through a maritime hammock.

Britt recommends walking towards the north end of the island in the direction of Fort Myers Beach where whitewashed trees and driftwood rise out of the sand. Framed against a bright blue sky or the warm orange hues of a setting sun, the scene makes for a hauntingly beautiful image regardless of time of day. 

The surrounding islands are also worth exploring. Rent a bicycle and disappear into maritime forests on Black Island, or rent a canoe or kayak and glide over green waterways past manatees, dolphins and the occasional alligator while ospreys fly, ever watchful, overhead.



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