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A Relic of the Space Race Era


Now this is something you don’t hear of every day …

While the Everglades National Park is a beautiful and beloved nature preserve in Southwest Florida, not many people know that there’s a massive and abandoned rocket testing site nearby. The facility once churned out rockets and missiles for the military, but is now one of the most impressive decaying sites in the state.

Aerojet Dade is an abandoned rocket testing and manufacturing facility located right on the edge of the Florida Everglades.  Built in the 1960s, the facility is a relic of the space race era.  In 1986, NASA awarded its Space Shuttle booster contract to Morton Thiokol, leading Aerojet to shutter its operations in Florida.

Today, the complex is crumbling. A nature trail runs through the area, though the future of the rocket factory remains unknown.

Ever wanted to explore an abandoned rocket testing facility?  Watch the video below!


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