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A Shelltacular Bonanza!

After more than 40 years of visiting Sanibel, longtime guests Sue and Steve W. from St. Peters, MO ended up with their most shellgantic find yet!

Steve shared this treasure trove of shells they found last week during their first-ever fall visit to the island.  (We told you this was a wonderful time of year to head down here!)

While enjoying shellnanigans up near Blind Pass, they found beautiful lightning whelks, sanddollars, angel wings, snake eyes, banded tulips and much more.  Their collection of calico scallops even included a heart-shaped flat shell!

And abshellutely their favorite find?  After searching for decades, they found — not one, but two rare junonias — making this visit to Ocean’s Reach their most memorable one yet!

We love hosting you, Sue and Steve, and can’t wait to welcome you back next year!

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