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A Treasure Hunter’s Dream

Photo by Beth Stephenson, “Daily Herald”


A recent article written by Beth Stephenson from the “Daily Herald” out of Provo, UT, begins:

I have a corner of my heart for treasure hunting.

While the family may be fishing or floating on a cold mountain stream, they’re likely to catch me digging around in the sand, looking for gems or gold or anything else. Sometimes, I bring pie pans to gold country, a poor substitute for a gold pan, but there’s always the hope that the nugget will be so large, I won’t need anything better to find it.

So when my friend Karen told me that Sanibel Island was just off the coast of Fort Myers, Florida, my heart leapt. It’s not gold or gems that attract treasure hunters. It’s not even ordinary beach combing with a metal detector. Sanibel is known for its seashells.

We were flying to Fort Myers with our two oldest grandchildren, Christopher and Michael. It was to be our first-ever grandparent trip. Happily, the younger grandson, Michael, is as much of a treasure hunter as his grandmother. After a revel in the tepid, aqua-blue water, he gladly hunted half a mile up the beach with me.

I thought I was well prepared …

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