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An Educational Treasure Hunt


There’s fun to be had for children at the Sanibel Historical Village as they go on an educational treasure hunt!

Kids are given a sheet of instructions outlining where they can find treasures in each of the Village’s nine historical buildings.  Prizes are located in the Village Gift Shop in the Rutland House and include little toys, tattoos, and other goodies.  This time of year, many of the prizes are holiday-themed.

“It’s exciting to get children interested in history,” said Executive Director Emilie Alfino, “and the Treasure Hunt does just that.  Children ask all kinds of questions as they make their way through the buildings looking for treasures and anticipating the prize at the end of their quest.  Of course, the Treasure Hunt interests the parents, too, which is a wonderful bonus!”

The Treasure Hunt goes on all year.  The Historical Village welcomes approximately 1,000 children each year, so the educational opportunities are substantial, Alfino said.

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