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Wondering what the best rooftop bar may be in Southwest Florida?

According to the folks at USA Today, there is one in particular — the new Beacon Social Drinkery — that is, as they say, “perfect to visit pretty much any day of the year, but extra pleasant now during the spring.”

Their write-up:

“You hear Beacon Social Drinkery before you see it.  The convivial sounds of laughter and conversation cascade down from the rooftop of the new Luminary Hotel in downtown Fort Myers like raindrops, sprinkling the streets and sidewalks below.  Walk inside the hotel and ride the elevator.  The doors open to the 12th floor, the host shows you to a table on Beacon’s open-air patio, and that racing mind of yours stops.  This rooftop cocktail bar and eatery isn’t huge.  But its views are.  From this cozy pie wedge in the sky, you can take in a vast swath of the Caloosahatchee River, from east to west to where it bends south toward the Gulf.  At the horizon line, Cape Coral glows beneath the setting sun, while North Fort Myers is draped in tranquil twilight.  You remove your mask and breathe.  And you’re reminded, in the most beautiful way, of why you love this city, of why you’re here.”

The Beacon Social Drinkery is located in the new Luminary Hotel on 2200 Edwards Drive in Fort Myers.  For more information, call 239-314-3800 or visit

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