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An Old-Fashioned Petting Zoo

Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Edison & Ford Winter Estates is offering children the opportunity to enjoy a petting zoo environment — early 1900s style — beginning on Sunday, July 31 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Thomas Edison had several animals at his winter estate. Like most working farms, he had dogs and cats, plus a cow, horse and many chickens. Reportedly, he drank a lot of milk so he purchased a cow in 1908. He used a horse to pull the lawn mower and for transportation into town. He also had a lot of chickens and sold the eggs at the nearby market. In 1917, Edison had more than 60 chickens living on the property.

Among the animals featured at the petting zoo will be a goat, duck, chicken, pig, sheep, calf and rabbit. The petting zoo will be set up in the Heritage Gardens at the Garden Shoppe. Seating is available on the nearby covered museum porch that has ceiling fans. Parking is available in the main parking lot off McGregor Boulevard and along Larchmont Avenue.

Other petting zoo dates include August 28, September 25 and October 30. Cost is $1 per child.

For more information, call 1-239-334-7419.

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