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Another Rare Find!

You never know what type of unexpected treasure you’ll find on your vacation to Ocean’s Reach!  We love hearing from guests who go home with that extra-special souvenir.


I found this Scotch Bonnet in the water off the beach at Ocean’s Reach.  I didn’t know what it was.  I had to look it up.  In all my trips here and all the shells I’ve found, I’ve never seen one of these.  I suspected it was rare, and it is indeed!

David and Beth L.  

Cottage Grove, WI

Congrats, David and Beth!  Even Pam Rambo, our local shellebrity, would say that this was an awesome find.  She’s called the Junonia, Scotch Bonnet and Lion’s Paw seashells “The Elite Three” and “the mac daddies of local finds….for us, anyway.”

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