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Best Friends

We are all tickled pink — no-one more so than Lisa — when our furry friend Darby comes to visit with “Mom” Marcia, one of our favorite Ocean’s Reach owners.

Darby and Marcia live up in Saratoga Springs, NY.  It’s become a tradition that when they’re ready to head down to Florida, Lisa will fly up to NY and then drive Darby down to Sanibel Island in Marcia’s car.

Along the way, they stop to see Lisa’s mom in Staunton, VA, which has turned into a true thrill for Darby as Lisa’s mom lives on a huge farm that Darby has come to love.

Once Darby’s back at Ocean’s Reach, she makes sure to visit her “best friend” each day for her daily treat.  At one time, the treats were well hidden, but no more — turns out that Darby’s just as smart as she is cute!






One thought on “Best Friends

  1. I wish y’all had pet friendly units. We came to Oceans Reach for about ten years in a row, sometimes twice a year, but now we need to travel with out 20lb dog and have to stay elsewhere. I miss this place!!

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