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Lend Me a Tenor


Audiences have been laughing themselves silly at Lend Me a Tenor since its 1989 Broadway premiere, when it received nine Tony nominations. It has since been translated into 16 languages and produced in 25 countries.

Written by Ken Ludwig, it’s a madcap comedy that take places when Tito Merelli, the fiery-tempered and world-famous Italian superstar, arrives in Cleveland, Ohio, to make his debut with the local opera and promptly goes missing. When the show’s producer conspires to cover for Tito’s absence, placate his hot-blooded wife, and distract his most passionate fans, chaos on a truly operatic level ensues.

The production has been described as having all the class and cham of a Kaufman and Hart comedy, plus the door-slamming hilarity of a Marx Brothers classic. A fast moving, slapstick, screwball comedy, Lend Me a Tenor is guaranteed to leave you teary-eyed with laughter.

Playing January 11 – February 10, 2017, at the BIG ARTS Strauss Theater. For more information, visit BIG ARTS or call 1-239-395-0900.

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