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A Christmas Carol


If you’ve yet to catch this year’s holiday show at the BIG ARTS Strauss Theater, do so soon! The talented cast of six actors have received rave reviews for bringing the story of “A Christmas Carol” to life. The production, portrayed through the eyes of a child, provides for an enchanting show for the entire family to enjoy.

“The opening of the show is a little boy in his bedroom. Mother calls out, ‘Nicolas it’s time for homework’ and he picks out a book and starts reading it. It is the book of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ As he starts to read the story, the story comes to life in the center of the stage,” BIG ARTS Artistic Director Bobby Logue said. “By the end of it, the child is invited into the story by the actors and becomes part of the actual company.”

The actors include Rob Sommers, Katie Pankow, Galloway Stevens, Jake Delaney, Nicholas Salerno and Samantha Rotella.

“There are some familiar faces that our audiences will recall from past seasons and there are also a lot of brand new faces this year,” Logue said. “The spirit of Christmas is about camaraderie, family and being together and creating good, good feelings. It’s the unity and teamwork (of the actors) that you watch and see being created in front of you. I think it’s going to lend itself to audiences feeling that they are also a part of creating this feeling and this atmosphere. There is definitely an ongoing heartbeat of the show that the longer they go on acting in these different roles the more heart and spirit is conveyed in the show.”

“A Christmas Carol” will play through Dec. 23, at BIG ARTS Strauss Theater. Both matinee and evening showings are offered. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit, or call 1-(239) 395-0900.

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