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Wedding Greens

The Dunes Golf & Tennis Club weddings

On Sanibel Island, sunshine and warm temperatures go hand in hand, as do many of our lovebirds.

The Dunes Golf & Tennis Club is one of many beautiful settings for a bride and groom to start the rest of their life together. And for two golfers, uniting on the practice range overlooking the 18 hole Audubon-sanctioned wildlife preserve and course is a dream come true.  » Read more

Little Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron

A little blue heron quietly stalks its prey among the buried tree limbs and roots in the Ocean’s Reach pond. Insects, tiny fish and crustaceans are its healthy choice diet. Known for breeding on pond edges and feeding in shallow waters, this relative of the snowy egret molts to a dark slate-blue plumage as an adult, making it easy to identify.

Our brand new pondside benches provide vivid close-up photo opportunities.  » Read more

There’s an App for That!

App picture 1

App picture 2

Thanks to today’s technology, you can have real-time Sanibel traffic conditions right at your fingertips.

The FREE Sanibel Street Cam App is now available to access the popular City of Sanibel “Street Cams.” Six high-quality cameras throughout the island “live stream” Sanibel road conditions and have received very positive feedback since their installation last year.

During “high season” (the timeframe from roughly Christmas through Easter),  » Read more

Hovering Fog

hovering fog

Hovering Fog

A foggy day. Birds at play. When will it melt away?

Beach walkers invisible. Dissolved in space.

Hover no more, dense fog. Hover no more.

Sun rays peek through to lift you away.

Arise full sun. Show yourself strong.

To make this day a beautiful display.

                                                                                                             — Anonymous  » Read more

“Around the World in 80 Shells”

Sanibel Shell Festival 3

The Sanibel Shell Festival will celebrate its 80th year on March 2, 3 and 4 at the newly-renovated Sanibel Community House.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Around the World in 80 Shells.” There will be a special class of competition in both the Scientific Exhibit Division and the Artistic Exhibit Division where each entry must contain exactly 80 shells. This year’s exhibitors are expected from around the United States,  » Read more

Is It A Beanstalk?

Amaryllis plant 2

Several guests have been wondering recently if Ocean’s Reach now has it’s very own beanstalk. But no, it’s an Amaryllis plant that has been growing like crazy.

At the time this photo was taken, the first stem had grown to over 39″ tall, and was almost touching the ceiling when we had it displayed on our front desk!

Once again, we need to thank our gracious owner Nancy G.  » Read more

“CSI” for Wildlife

CSI for Wildlife

Human and wildlife forensics both use science to link a suspect to a crime scene and victim. Yet while human forensic scientists deal with just one species of victim — homo sapiens — wildlife forensic scientists deal with thousands.

Using real life stories from around the world, Dr. Laurel Neme, author of Animal Investigators: How the World’s First Forensic Lab Is Solving Crimes & Saving Endangered Species, will explain how innovative science uses a variety of techniques —  » Read more

Wildlife Watchers

Wildlife watchers

Our guests love the respite of Sanibel and its emphasis on natural surroundings versus commercial development.

Ocean’s Reach is a microcosm of the island. With almost eight acres of wildlife habitat and beachfront property, there is ample space for us humans to share with our indigenous and migratory neighbors. What a delight to have both call Ocean’s Reach “home”!

Make the most of your stay by bringing binoculars,  » Read more

Croquet Anyone?

croquet court 1

croquet court 2

Watch the transformation of our grassy Grove as it’s made into a fabulous croquet court!  A few short hours and a passion for the sport is all that owner Bob B. needed to lay out the court, measuring and marking, to meet the official size requirements.

Bob, a croquet advocate and avid player, not only set up the game for our guests,  » Read more

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