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Better the Second Time Around

conch shells

Recently we introduced you to our elated guests whose patience paid off with the discovery of two large horse conch shells. News Update: within the same week, the same guests found the same elusive shells – not two, not three but four oversized horse conch shells! Two ladies plus one week equals six horse conch shells!

Their advice to all shellers staying at Ocean’s Reach? During low tide,  » Read more

Bigger is Better


Our two shellers from Waterville, Ohio are frequent guests of Ocean’s Reach and have been yearning to collect the “big one” that has been eluding them for years.

Lo and behold, during low tide this past week at 7:00 p.m., they made an amazing discovery. Found buried in the sand was what looked like a common pen shell. Upon further uncovering, they discovered, instead, their elusive “big one”—a horse conch shell.  » Read more

Meet the Grackles

grackles 2

Another bird family taking residence in our bird house is the common grackle. They are new to Ocean’s Reach but common throughout eastern North America. Adult grackles are large and lanky blackbirds with long tails and long legs. From a distance they look dark black but up-close, you will notice a beautiful purple-blue iridescence on their body.

They love to forage on the ground, at the base of bird houses,  » Read more

Feeding the Hungry

red-bellied woodpeckers

It’s fascinating to watch the daily patterns of our bird house families, the red-bellied woodpeckers. In keeping with the scape of Sanibel, Ocean’s Reach provides a natural environment for all our guests, both human and wild!

Wander through our preserve and observe the survival and reproduction habits of the woodpeckers living in our two bird houses. The young woodpeckers, growing in size and strength, are well fed by their moms.  » Read more

Manatee Magical Moment

mannatee moment

A close encounter of the natural kind can yield magic on your soul. On Sanibel it can be as near as a manatee’s nose lying on your paddleboard! A frequent Ocean’s Reach guest recently discovered this gentle, playful creature at Tarpon Bay Explorers. Even though the manatee’s nose was on top of the paddleboard, our guest was careful not to touch. The naturalists at Tarpon Bay Explorers recommend allowing the manatees to play and roam as they please without human interference.  » Read more

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