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Every Seashell Has A Story


Celebrated today on the first day of summer, National Seashell Day serves as a gentle reminder that treasures arrive every day in the form of simple things.

On behalf of all of us at Ocean’s Reach, we can’t wait until we can help you once again to “always have a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes”!


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The Visitor Center is Back!


After celebrating more than 50 business reopenings over the past several months, friends at the Sanibel-Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce were finally able to snip their own yellow ribbon last week, commemorating the reopening of the Chamber Visitor Center near the entrance to the island.

“It’s hard to believe that on October 5, the first day we were allowed back on the island after Ian,  » Read more

There’s No Place Like Home



There’s no place like home, just ask our Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation friends who are part of the nighttime sea turtle tagging team.

“Generally, sea turtles exhibit ‘natal homing,’ which means nesting females will lay nests near the same beach they hatched from,” explains SCCF Sea Turtle Biologist Savannah Weber.  “Some turtles have very precise natal homing, where they lay nests within a few miles from the exact spot of beach from which they hatched.   » Read more

Hard Hats Only!


Slowly but surely, we’re making progress at Ocean’s Reach, where today we find ourselves at the eight-month anniversary mark of Hurricane Ian.

Andy and Lisa are our “boots on the ground” working daily to help rebuild the resort that we all miss and love so dearly.

They’re reporting progress on several fronts.  We’ve received our first batch of insurance checks,  » Read more

Rebuilding the Causeway

Photo from Sanibel-Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce


Although the Sanibel Causeway was re-opened to emergency workers only 15 days after Hurricane Ian hit last fall, that was just the beginning of a long road ahead (forgive the pun) for those who love our island.

Work on the three-mile-long bridge hasn’t stopped since.  Temporary repairs should be completed by next month (the start of this year’s hurricane season) and then permanent repairs will begin.  » Read more

Helping the Least (Terns) Among Us

Photos from SCCF


More encouraging news from Mother Nature! 

Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation biologists have recently located least tern nests on Sanibel and Captiva, reporting that this is the first time the birds have nested on the islands since 2020.

According to SCCF, least terns — the smallest terns in the world — are state-threatened seabirds that can be found along Florida’s coasts during late spring and summer.   » Read more

Sanibel Girl

Throwback photo to Don’s muse and beautiful granddaughter, Claire … circa 2016



Sanibel Girl

The beach almost empty

The surf getting still

The rays of sun

A sea gull’s shill


There was peace all around

With a few nature sounds

A Great Heron eating

Some dinner he’d found

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Seven Months Later …

The first snowy plover chicks of the season!

The first sea turtle nest of the season!


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

That sense of patience and hope continues to permeate throughout Sanibel and Captiva Islands, seven months after Hurricane Ian slammed onto our shores.

Residents are starting to find their footing,  » Read more

It’s the Little Things


Sometimes it’s just the little things in life that make you happy. 

We’re grateful for seeing old friends again (especially when they’re delivering the mail), along with our shorebirds coming back, beautiful shells covering our beach, and — of course — spectacular Sanibel sunsets ending our days once again.  » Read more

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