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Most Beautiful

Golisano Children’s Hospital, just across the causeway from Sanibel, was recently selected the most beautiful hospital in the country, according to Soliant Health’s 2018 list of the 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the U.S.

Soliant Health, an Atlanta-based healthcare staffing company, conducted a month-long national poll of medical facilities across the United States. After all 262,613 votes were tallied, Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida appeared at the top of the annual ranking with 68,146 votes.  » Read more

Precious Heirlooms

One of our favorite guests, Don. P. from Farmington Hills, MI, always tickles our staff by giving out personally-made Ocean’s Reach t-shirts every time he visits.   

He recently shared that his daughter “took 22 used Ocean’s Reach T-shirts that she had saved from years of visiting Ocean’s Reach, along with 8 souvenir shirts from past years on Sanibel, and took them to a lady that makes quilts.   » Read more

90 for 90

By Vance Carlson, Park Rapids (MN) Enterprise

Fred Nordstrom developed a love of biking at an early age. 

Eight decades later, Nordstrom is still an avid bicyclist. 

“I started biking in the 1930s. We lived on a farm in Iowa and I would bike to school every day,” said Nordstrom. “I still bike twice a week with the Hubbard Bicycle Club (in Park Rapids,  » Read more

Just Eight?

Photo by David Hillegas

We ran across this article in Coastal Living, citing “8 Reasons We Love Sanibel Island.”  Personally, we can think of quite a few more, but we do love the list they came up with!

Written by Kara Corridan, the article starts…  

“The very act of arriving on Sanibel Island, off Florida’s southern Gulf coast,  » Read more

Only Days Away!

Photo by Amanda Auer

It’s almost here!

The 5th Annual Island Hopper Songwriter Fest is the largest songwriter festival in Southwest Florida and offers a unique experience to interact with singer-songwriters who wrote your favorite hits.  Enjoy artists such as Midland, LOCASH, Travis Denning, among the 72 different acts featured.  Hope to see you there!

It’s Shred Time, Bro!

Photo from

Like mountain biking?  Think you can’t find decent trails in flat Florida?  Think again. Caloosahatchee Regional Park offers close to 800 acres of pine flat-wood, oak forest and cypress swamp, with 20 miles of hiking, horseback riding and mountain-biking trails, rated beginner through difficult.

The trails are located at 19130 N. River Road in Alva, FL, just about an hour away from Ocean’s Reach.   » Read more

Coloring for Grown-Ups

Photo by Maxime De Ruyck 

Coloring books are no longer just for kids. In fact, adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Researchers and art therapists alike have touted the calming benefits for over a decade, with researchers at Johns Hopkins University to the editors of Yoga Journal suggesting coloring as an alternative to meditation. Like meditation, coloring allows the brain to switch off other thoughts and focus.  » Read more

Just Incredible …

We always have our eyes open for inspiring stories about environmental protection, even when they’re found halfway around the world.

Earlier this summer, renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created this piece of art at Puri Beach in Odisha, India with a strong message about the importance of curbing plastic pollution in our oceans.   

His 55-foot long, 30-foot wide sand sculpture of a Olive ridley sea turtle was made with approximately 30 tons of sand and a countless number of plastic bottles.   » Read more

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