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Bunche Beach and More

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Recently we shared a picture of a sandy-bellied photographer getting up-close to bird congregants at Bunche Beach Preserve. Beyond the lens, massive bird colonies were resting and foraging in the exposed mud flats from the vast receding waters at low tide. The birds were flying in by the hundreds!

Andy and Walt’s birding trip to Bunche Beach in March found hundreds of Least Sandpipers, many Black Skimmers, Piping Plovers, Wilson’s Plovers, Dunlins, Little Blue Herons and Reddish Egrets, to name a few. The birds at the preserve were easy to identify and photograph as these veteran birders were able to get a close range view of the different species.

Walt says that precision timing is essential for the best sightings. There are two low tides each day. Check out the local tide chart here. When low tide and sunset line up, you will capture your most memorable and colorful photos.

Andy insists if you are interested in birding, this side trip (just past the causeway and off Summerlin) is well worth the trip. You might even record a lifer!

Pictured are Black Skimmers on the beach (Sanibel Lighthouse in the background) and shorebird Piping Plover.

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