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Bus + Hotel = This!

Photo from Uniq Hotels

Need to feed your sense of novelty and adventure?  How about a trip aboard a Rotel?  It’s literally a “rolling hotel,” as we learned when one made a rare stop in Fort Myers Beach last week.

The German tour company, Rotel, has been providing these “capsule hotel on wheels” experiences since 1945, mostly to remote areas in Africa, Europe and Asia.

By day, passengers sit in the front of the coach and take in all the sights, and by night, they adjourn to the rear of the vehicle to enjoy their semi-private sleeping quarters.

Typically, the coaches are custom-modified Mercedes 0404’s which feature 24 passenger seats and 26 sleeping berths (including one for the driver and tour guide). The sleeping berths measure 6 feet wide x 6 feet long x 3 feet high.  The Rotel includes a “camp kitchen” and a single toilet, but lacking showers, the coaches try to stop whenever possible at campgrounds with bathing facilities (understandable!)

It certainly sounds like a unique experience!  For more information about its recent sighting in our area, click here.

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