The Smallest Post Office in the USA

You think you’ve seen everything?

Chances are you haven’t seen a post office like the one in Ochopee, a fun little day trip about an hour and a half away from Ocean’s Reach.

This 61-square foot facility measures 8′ 4″ X 7′ 3″ and is officially the smallest post office in the country.  The tiny building used to serve as a storage shed for irrigation pipes for a nearby tomato farm,  » Read more

Gaze at Grand Architecture

 #77:  Gaze at Grand Architecture While Attending An Event

Excerpt from “100 Things to do in Fort Myers & Sanibel Before You Die” by Nancy Hamilton:

When you see a building of Neoclassical Revival architecture with massive columns in south Florida, you know there has to be an interesting history to match the grandeur.   » Read more

Legend Has It …

Southwest Florida is well known for many things, perhaps the most infamous is the folklore that we were home base for the renegade pirate Jose Gaspar, the “Last of the Buccaneers” also known by his nickname Gasparilla. 

Legend has it that Gaspar once made his home in Pine Island Sound, reportedly establishing headquarters on Sanibel Island, holding his female prisoners captive on Captiva Island, burying his booty on Gasparilla Island,  » Read more

Think Crafty Thoughts!

You could while away an entire rainy afternoon poking around the islands’ supreme craft store, Three Crafty Ladies.

This amazing think-tank of a craft store is perfect for finding a project for you or the kids.  They have a treasure-trove of items that can be decorated with seashells — from boxes to mirrors to frames — and all the accouterments to put your island object d’art together.   » Read more

Adopt Your Own!

Yesterday we updated you on the success of the Save The Manatee program in which a huge wave of support has made a real difference for these cherished marine mammals.

Today, we wanted to let you know about the Adopt-a-Manatee program where you can further help manatee rescue, rehabilitation, and research efforts, along with manatee education and public awareness projects. 

Unlike other animal adoption programs,  » Read more

Save a Manatee

The Florida Manatee is a native species found in many of Florida’s waterways.

In 1975, Florida’s school children helped designate the endangered Florida manatee as Florida’ state marine mammal. Since then, various research, management and educational efforts have helped bring back a species that many people thought was on the verge of extinction.

The Florida manatee population has grown to more than 6,600 animals today.   » Read more

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