It’s Not Easy Being Green

Andy shared this photo that he captured of a Green Anole, the only anole species native to Florida.

Green anoles are medium-sized lizards with long tails. Sometimes called chameleons because of their color-changing abillity, they can be anywhere from emerald green to brown or gray. When stressed, they turn dark brown.

They’re getting harder and harder to find with competition from the hardy and non-native brown anoles,  » Read more

The King of Beers

The ever-popular Budweiser Clydesdales returned to the Fort Myers area last week, kicking off their visit with a return to the Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade.

The massive horses — the living symbol for Anheuser-Busch beer company since 1933 — made various other stops around Southwest Florida, including an eight-horse “full hitch” walk through the Historic Downtown River District, where you-know-who couldn’t resist a selfie!  » Read more

Crafts on the River

This weekend, Centennial Park will be transformed into a craft lovers dream with 100 exhibitors displaying their hand-crafts along the historic riverfront in downtown Fort Myers.

The annual Crafts on the River is a non-juried event open to local and national artisans and crafters. The event delights in old, new and unique items that come from all over the world. Original designs are displayed by nearly 100 artists in an informal atmosphere that encourages visitors to talk with the artists about their work and,  » Read more

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