Lights Out for Sea Turtles

The Darker the Beach, The Brighter their Future  » Read more

Every year hundreds of sea turtle nests are laid on the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva.  Sea turtle hatchlings emerge after dark, using the light of the night sky over the sea to navigate to the water.  Artificial light causes hatchlings to crawl away from the water and toward the light sources.  Each year thousands of hatchlings die in Florida due to lighting along beaches.

The Coveted Pink Jacket

Past Tarpon Tournament winning captains sporting their coral tarpon jackets. From left to right: Matt Mitchell, Chasin’ Poon (2016); John Landry, Doc Ford’s and SportFisha (2012 & 2015); Mark Sparrow, YAM (2017); John McDaniel, Boomer Sooners (2014); and Rhett Dixon, Team Teaser (2013).

The newest tradition of the “Ding” Darling & Doc Ford’s Tarpon Tournament  » Read more awards the captain of the winning team a pink tarpon jacket.

Saving the Best for Last

Thanks once again to Scott Norris for the wonderful photos we’ve been able to share this week.

Of course, we saved the best for last!  

“These two are Generation #4 of visitors from our family to Sanibel, including their mother and aunt, their grandparents (Grace and I), and their great-grandmother and great-grandfather (Grace’s mother and father, who started visiting here when the only access was the ferry).”  » Read more


Photo by Scott Norris

A pair of red-bellied woodpeckers have a nest in one of the palm trees on the southwest corner of the Ocean’s Reach pool.  Scott captured this charming photo of one playing “peek-a-boo” with our guests. 

Interested in some woodpecker trivia?

  • There are more than 180 species of woodpeckers worldwide.
  • Most woodpeckers have zygodactyl feet,
  •  » Read more

Significant Otters

Look who popped up in the Ocean’s Reach pond last week!

Longtime guest Scott Norris captured a number of wonderful images on his latest visit here from Indianapolis, so much so that we thought we’d dedicate this week’s blogs to the amazing photos he shared with us.

First up are these “significant otters,” who are just as cute as can be!

Just how lovable are they?   » Read more

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