…. And, We’re Back!

Sending you the warmest of greetings from everyone at Ocean’s Reach!

As many of you know, we re-opened our doors on September 19th, just as soon as we could after power was restored post-Irma. We were blessed to have had a relatively mild impact from the storm, and our hearts and prayers continue to go out to those who took the brunt of Irma’s wrath.

Thank you once again for the hundreds of well wishes you’ve sent our way.  » Read more

“On The Water”

Whether in a secluded bay, lush estuary or the gentle Gulf of Mexico, some say that being “on the water” is the only way to relax and completely appreciate the remarkable backdrop Mother Nature provides for visitors to Southwest Florida.

Leave it to our friends at the The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel to give us a very special glimpse! Enjoy this video of two transplanted water guides who found that paddling the gorgeous waterways of SW FL has been the perfect way for them to slow down and just roll with the tide.  » Read more

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