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No One Crabby Here

We received a wonderful email from Viktoria R., a sophomore and Public Relations major at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana. She sent us this write-up which we’re delighted to share with you!

No One Crabby Here

My family and I had just walked out onto the beach with our beach chairs and umbrella when I saw this little guy out of the corner of my eye. I stooped down to its level and tried my best to capture a picture from the crab’s point of view. Using my iPhone, I took the picture and spent a few seconds admiring this little guy.  Though seeing a crab might be the norm for locals, it was pretty special for me since I do not reside in the state. I love the beach of Ocean’s Reach. Every time my family and I stay, we get quite the treat. From spotting dolphins in the distant waves, to meeting this little crab, we are always welcomed with all sorts of wildlife. We can guarantee a stay at Ocean’s Reach will never leave us crabby.


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