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David Ortiz and Andy

It’s a famous pose. David Ortiz crosses home plate, puts his hands up, and points his fingers to the sky. If you’re a die hard Boston Red Sox fan, you’ve seen this stance before. 534 times to be exact.

Befitting his larger-than-life personality, a larger-than-life-size model of “Big Papi” — constructed of 34,510 LEGO bricks! — greeted baseball fans (including Andy, pictured) this spring at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, affectionately known as “Fenway South.”

The tribute statue stands at 6-foot 7-inches (Ortiz is 6-foot 3-inches) and is an exact replica of the beloved designated hitter and first baseman, down to his polarized sunglasses and neon trimmed batting gloves.

Just how do you construct such a true-to-life LEGO Man?  Watch the fun time-lapse video below:

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