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Ding at Home … Revisited


On Sanibel Island, we’re all about discovering nature!

At the onset of the pandemic lockdown in 2020, the Ding Darling Wildlife Society and Refuge staff quickly pivoted to keep “Ding” Darling Refuge fans engaged and learning about nature.  They created the #DingatHome web page and virtual experiences five days a week on Facebook Live, both of which we’ve featured previously on our blog.

We thought we’d circle back around to see what’s new.  They’ve loaded the page with new craft activities for students learning at home, and have added the 2021 Lecture Series videos to the page, as well.

Click here to visit Ding at Home if you haven’t lately.  You can find archived activities built on themes such as Movement Monday and Wildlife Wednesday, as well as new worksheets and coloring pages.  You can also tune into the lectures you may have missed this past season, featuring speakers from esteemed photographer Clyde Butcher to Feather Thief author Kirk Johnson.

Lastly, if you’ve haven’t become addicted yet, click here for their “Daily Dose of Ding” videos on Facebook!

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