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Speaking of birds………… don payne

Don Payne's Goldfinch

From the cold north………. enjoy!

Bird in “pane”

I heard a noise
But nothing there
Looking out
‘ just snow, cold air

Glancing down
A finch in the snow
Hit the window
Landed below

He sat in a daze
Not moving his wings
His head, inside
Was hearing rings

I went outside
He didn’t move
Cradled in my hand
He seemed to approve

Once in the house
‘ looked right at home
Pooped on my finger
I said “shalom”

Back outside
He seemed alert
‘ couldn’t tell
He’d been hurt

He gave me a wink
And flew away
‘ twas a happy sight
It made my day!

don payne, 2016, Bird in “pane”…. J

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