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Hoo’s Here?

This amazing photo of an Eastern Screech Owl was taken right outside our Ocean’s Reach office by guest Susan N., from Mifflinberg, PA. She credits her son, Lynden, for sighting it first, saying that he is quite astute at spotting wildlife after his many visits to Sanibel!

The Eastern Screech Owls (Megascops asio) are one of the smallest species of owls naturally found in North America. As is typical of owls, they are active at night or near dusk, with most hunting being done during the first hours of darkness. They use their excellent hearing and night vision to locate prey and they swoop down to seize their prey with their well-developed raptorial claws, or talons. They are also capable of catching insects or small birds in flight.

Thanks once again to Susan and Lynden for such a great photo. We hope their vacation at Ocean’s Reach was simply a hoot!

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