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Like we needed another reason to love pasta?

We loved hearing that one of our favorite island spots, Joey’s Custard, has started using pasta straws, instead of paper and plastic, to help reduce the use of plastic on the island.

They call it eco-pasta. It was created by Sammy Ramirez, who came up with the idea because he says he says he’s been a huge supporter of the single use plastic straw ban after seeing the damage and mess it’s left on the beach.

“People don’t expect it when you first give it to them. They’re kind of looking at it like, what is this?” said Joey Almeida, the owner of Joey’s Custard.

The straws are biodegradable after 72 hours, edible, reusable and tasteless.

Mayor Kevin Ruane said, “Any decrease in plastic usage will obviously afford us the opportunity to not have that plastic end up in our waterways.”

The city recently passed a resolution to help reduce the use of plastic on the island, specifically the use of plastic bags.  According to Mayor Ruane, the whole island looks to be completely plastic free in the future.

For more information on pasta straws, click here, and to learn about our friends at Joey’s Custards, check them out on Facebook!


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