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Enjoying An Outdoor Classroom


How fun it must be to grow up on Sanibel Island!

Throughout the school year, the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation works with our local elementary school to arrange environmental educational field trips for students.

For example, fourth-graders from The Sanibel School recently headed to the SCCF Nature Center on Sanibel-Captiva Road to explore the nature trails and practice using their senses on a sensory awareness scavenger hunt.

“Students discussed the senses we use and listed sights, sounds, smells and some of the textures of various leaves, tree barks and other items along the trails,” SCCF Educator Richard Finkel said.

“SCCF’s nature trails, which traverse Sanibel’s interior freshwater habitats and mid-island ridges, are an ideal resource for learning about these habitats and the uniqueness of Sanibel as a barrier island with interior freshwater habitats.”

Teachers collaborate with SCCF educators to incorporate the trips into the school curriculum, and class study projects are often initiated after visits.

The SCCF is the largest private owner of conservation lands on the island.  For more information, visit www.sccf.org or call 239-472-2329.




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