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Facebook Faves: #2


Anyone who visits us for the Independence Day holiday knows “The Georgia Crew”!

Many thanks to Pam H. from Brunswick, GA, who sent this awesome photo, writing:

“When I think of Ocean’s Reach, I think of family vacation. My family has been coming to Ocean’s Reach for 42 years. I have a lot of wonderful memories to choose from, but my favorite is in 2013 when my parents renewed their vows for their 50th Anniversary on the beach in front of Ocean’s Reach. As you can see, we were blessed to have so many friends and family come celebrate with them.

Many of the crew are here with us again this week and we couldn’t be more delighted!


One thought on “Facebook Faves: #2

  1. You must have been beautiful babies cause baby look at you now!!! I don’t even know you all and this picture makes me so happy!!!!

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