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Facebook Faves: #3


Many thanks to Facebook friend and “Top Fan” Mark W. from Chesapeake, VA who sent along this sizzling photo, writing:

“After a day of shelling and swimming, what’s better than sitting in front of Ocean’s Reach watching the sunset?”

We agree wholeheartedly, Mark — Can’t wait to welcome you and Karen back in April!


2 thoughts on “Facebook Faves: #3

  1. Regarding Facebook fave#3 pic, I have stayed at the Oceans Reach Condominium and not once did I see a sunset in front. The only thing you could see is the sunrise if you walked out to the beach and faced East which is left on the beach and sunsets were always behind the condo. So how was this possible?

    1. Oh, I so wish I was an expert on astronomy to answer your question, Sylvia! Regretfully, I’m not, so all I can tell you is, just as sunrise and sunset times change throughout the year, so do their locations shift a bit as we look out upon the beach. It has to do with the Earth’s tilt on its axis, and how the path of the sun across the sky varies throughout the year. Any astronomers out there that can help clarify all this for us?

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