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Parking Made Easier

News reports abound with how Tesla, Google and others have been testing their solutions to self-driving cars. Here at Ocean’s Reach, we’re busy, too, testing a new solution to finding your parking space in the dark (or daylight, for that matter)!

We know it’s sometimes frustrating driving around our parking lot looking for the location of your carport. You’ll soon find your condo number painted directly on the bumper of your parking space. Look down at the bright, reflective numbers and drive right in. It’s almost as easy as a self-driven car!

For guests arriving after hours, our helpful parking space diagram can still be found next to the front door of our Guest Services office. 

Dina’s younger daughter, Deanna (not shown) has been organizing the project and put big sis Dara (pictured above) to work for a few days last week. It’s been “toasty” work, to say the least, but they’re moving right along. The painting project should be completed by the end of summer. Please let us know what you think!

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