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Giving Our Worries to the Sea


For those of you who have connected with Sanibel Sea School over the years, you know what a special place it is.

As this year has been challenging for everyone, the SX3ers are doing a very special “Call for Worries” as part of their annual winter camp tradition of Giving our Worries to the Sea.

The ceremony is simple — the counselors and campers write down their struggles, worries, hardships, and challenges — anything that has been a burden for the past year.  Each year, they collectively burn the worries in a ceremonial cauldron until they are reduced to nothing but ashes.  The group then heads out to the beach where they release the ashes to the sea, allowing the waves to wash away their troubles.



In 2020, Sanibel Sea School is offering to wash away your worries from the past year, too.

They ask:

Please write your worries on a 1/2 sheet of regular paper, folded in half once. We will not read your worries or open the folded paper to maintain privacy – your worries will remain a secret, we promise!

Send your worries to Sanibel Sea School P.O. Box 1229 Sanibel, FL 33957 by December 21st.

It’s a wonderful way to discover how healing and rejuvenating the ocean can be!  In fact, Dina and her family have adopted the ritual for their own end-of-year celebrations over the years.

To learn more about Sanibel Sea School and the unique assortment of programs they offer for kids, adults and families throughout the year, click here.




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