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Googling the Gulf: #5


Did you ever wonder why the Gulf of Mexico is not an ocean?  They are both very large bodies of saltwater, after all.

For those who remember grade school geography, while both oceans and gulfs are indeed large bodies of saltwater, gulfs are smaller and are bordered on three sides by land.  Oceans, the largest bodies of water in the world, have no exact boundaries, and they are bordered by seas (the Caribbean Sea separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean).

The differences extend to our beaches, as well!

Just ask any West Coast or East Coast Floridian and they’ll tell you how the beaches that align the Gulf of Mexico contrast those that form the shore for the Atlantic Ocean.  From the color and makeup of the sand, to the clarity, calmness and temperature of the water, there is certainly a distinct difference between the gulf and ocean.

Which is your favorite?

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