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The Green Monster!!






Look who just had an experience of a lifetime! Suffice it to say that we’re all “green” with envy!

Our favorite Ocean’s Reach front desk greeter — Boston born-and-raised John Shea — recently had a chance to go behind the Green Monster at Fenway Park, home to this year’s AL Eastern Division champs Boston Red Sox.

John, pictured above with friend Julie and wife Karen, enjoyed a very rare behind-the-scenes tour of the fabled left field wall.

The Green Monster is famous for preventing home runs on many line drives that would clear the walls of other ballparks. At 37′ 2″, it is the highest among current Major League Baseball fields. The wall was part of the original ballpark construction of 1912, but ironically was not painted green until 1947 (before that it was covered with advertisements). The scoreboard was added in 1934 and is still updated by hand from behind the wall throughout the game.

As part of their amazing experience, John and Karen were able to add their signatures to the hundreds of others behind the scenes.

Best of all, in addition to now being a part of the lore of the legendary ballpark, they were able to enjoy a “comeback” win from the Red Sox over the Yankees … in the ninth inning, no less!

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