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A Baby Swan!


Many of our guests have already discovered Periwinkle Park, a combination campground and aviary considered one of the hidden gems on our island.

Periwinkle Park — a delightful bike ride away from Ocean’s Reach — has been part of the Sanibel community since 1964.

Recently, a black-necked swan at the aviary lost her clutch of eggs as none proved viable.  A white swan also laid a nest of eggs and died shortly after.  Jay Wolf, the park’s maintenance man, put the eggs from the recently deceased white swan into the nest for the black-necked swan.  A few weeks later, a baby swan — called a cygnet — hatched!

Today’s trivia question:  Do swans sleep on land or water?

The answer — (trick question) — is both!  They can sleep standing on one leg or whilst floating, usually with their heads tucked back under a wing.

Plan to come see the beautiful swans for yourself on your next stay at Ocean’s Reach by visiting Periwinkle Park, located at 1119 Periwinkle Way.





One thought on “A Baby Swan!

  1. Over the last two years they have not been allowing visitors into Periwinkle Park. We rode over there on bicycles but they had signs up prohibiting visitors. Are they allowing people in now?

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