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It All Started with Hedge Trimmers

Photo by John Riegert

Biking enthusiasts will notice a brand new addition to the beautiful bike path system that winds around Sanibel Island.

A new rest stop has been built at the corner of Casa Ybel Road and Middle Gulf Drive — just around the corner and up the street from Ocean’s Reach.  It features two benches, a bike rack, a water fountain, and a map of the islands, all in a wonderfully shaded spot where you can relax and catch your breath.

The rest stop has been dedicated to Dale Armstrong, founding member and former president of the Sanibel Bike Club.

During the recent ribbon cutting ceremony, Dale Armstrong’s son, Brad, regaled the crowd with stories of the inception of the Sanibel Bike Club while standing behind the ribbon with an old pair of hedge trimmers in tow.

“Twenty-three years ago, very similar to the bike rides you have today on Saturday mornings, my father would go along on those rides. But, he had something strapped to the back of his bike, and that was his hedge trimmers.  The city always knew when Dale was riding because they would always find little piles of brush along the road.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Sanibel Bike Club, please visit www.sanibelbicycleclub.org.


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